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Tex4future is a website driven within the network ACTE (Association of European Textile Communities) and developed by seven members of this association: Reactivació Badalona, Foment de Terrassa, Ajuntament de Manresa, IMPEM Mataró, Promoció Econòmica de Sabadell and Diputació Provincial de Barcelona. These seven institutions represent areas with a long textile tradition and they are implementing a regional collaborative project, sponsored by the SOC (Employment Service of the Catalonia’s Regional Government) and cofinanced by the FSE (European Social Fund). The aim of this project is to promote innovation, knowledge transfer and job creation in textile industry; and Tex4future website is one of its main actuations.

Tex4future has the following specific objectives re:

  • Sensitization and spread knowledge concerning technology change within companies.
  • Promote cooperation processes between companies.
  • Promote R+D+i and its incorporation into the companies.
  • Provide new job alternatives in a context of industry’s restructuring process.

In order to achieve those objectives, this website includes textile industry’s information of success case studies; relevant news; information about public tenders and subventions; descriptions and key data of the latest innovations, technologies and main lines of research related to this industry; a digital library; a database of university projects; and useful online resources for companies.

Aquest projecte està subvencionat pel programa de Projectes Innovadors d’acord amb l’Ordre TRE/337/2008
i està patrocinat pel Servei d’Ocupació de Catalunya i cofinançat pel Fons Social Europeu.

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